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Agile Testing

Agile is not only related to software testing but it has also relation with development. Agile development is one way to manage project and team. It gives huge success in project management if applied properly.Agile is also method which manage continue iteration of testing and development throughout software testing life cycle.

We follow agile methods to manage our projects and team. Our agile methodologies are :

  • Scrum

Scrum method helps to manage tasks within team based development environment.Scrum is very easy and flexible method.It contains mainly three roles : scrum master, product owner and scrum team.

  • Crystal Method

Crystal method focus on communication, skill, people, interaction etc. It helps for  frequent delivery of working software, deployment product to user environment, creating team, project plan review etc.

  • Dynamic software development method [DSDM]

Main focus of this method is frequent delivery of product. DSDM recommend that end user should be involved when building a product. It helps to build product exactly according to end user requirements.

  • Feature driven development [FDD]

FDD is very helpful for team who is working on large project using object oriented technology. FDD reduce unnecessary communication and all small teams to concentrate on only their related tasks. It describe things by phases like design , development , requirement etc.

  • Lean software development

It helps to speed up software development. It eliminate waste , empower team. It set principles to achieve customer alignment , high quality and speed.

  • Kanban

Kanban is method to manage product creation.Kanban promotes continuous collaboration. It also focus for ongoing learning and improving by defining best work flow for team

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