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Benefits of Automation Testing


In this fast and competitive world , It is challenge for companies to improve and maintain quality of product. It require continue and regular testing.Each and every time manual testing takes long time , efforts and resources so automation testing helps to do fast ,reliable and automated testing.  There are lots of benefits of automation testing and some very helpful are given below :

  • Fast testing

It is obvious that automation testing tool complete testing very fast than manual testing. It save time when testing need to be done quickly.

  • Require less human resources and efforts

Once automation testing script are ready , anyone can run it and test software product. It reduce human efforts and resources. Manual testing need more efforts and time.

  • Reliable result

Human can make mistake or sometime manual tester can forget some scenarios to test. But if all scenarios are automated then machine never forget to testing specified things. So here result is always accurate and reliable.

  • Easy regression

Automation testing makes regression testing very easy and fast. There is no need to do regression testing manually if you use automation testing. Repeated tasks testing can be done very easy by automation.

  • Reusable

Automates tests can be reusable for software diff. versions. If in future software design change then also already automated tests can be used with minor changes.


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