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Bug Life Cycle in Software Testing


Bug is an action that does not allow your program to perform it’s intended task. Each and every software has bug at initial level and then in testing it can be found by tester and developer fix it. Bug is very important part in software testing. No one can say that system is bug free.Every system has bug even if it is tested perfectly. We mean to say you can not prove that system or product id bug free.

In software testing standard there is bug life cycle which help to process bug till end. We would like to explain here standard bug life cycle in software testing. We have also added bug life cycle diagram to make it more clear.

We are sure that your most of doubts are cleared now about bug life cycle after view above structure. Let us explain in detail.

  • NEW

When tester found bug first time it means that bug is new and tester assign it status called New.


Once bug found then tester/team lead assign same bug to developer to solved. So in this step they select/choose developer that who will solve this bug.


When developer fixed bug then they set it’s status to fixed so tester can know that now same bug needs to verify again.


Tester verify bug that if developer has fixed then it is fixed properly or not. If not then tester can Re-open same bug.


If bug is fixed by developer properly then tester verified it then tester can close that bug.


As we discussed above that if developer did not fix bug properly and tester find same bug again then it reopen by tester and again assigned to developer.


Sometime it happens that tester finds bug but in actual that is not bug and thing are working fine then that type of bugs can be rejected. For ex : Because of browser caching tester getting old data and submit bug but in actual developer solved bug already and after clear cache tester can see that bug is not there then in this condition this bug can be rejected.


Sometime it happens that specific bug no need to solve in current release and it can be fixed in next release. So this type of bug status will be Deferred. There can be many factor that why that bug does not need to solve now. It can be because of time limit, bug low priority, bug low severity etc.

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