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Top 5 Load Testing Tools


WHAT IS LOAD TESTING? TOP 5 TOOLS FOR LOAD TESTING   Jmeter 2. HP Load Runner 3. NeoLoad¬† 4. WebLoad 5. Rational Performance Tester  

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How To Send TestNG Report In Mail Using Java In Selenium Web driver


Selenium is becoming very popular automation tool now. It is capable to automate any web based application. It makes functional testing easy , fast and accurate. Today we will share code with you using which you send TestNG generated report to any email id. We assume that readers are familiar […]

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How to integrate TestNG with Selenium Webdriver in Eclipse


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How To Find Element In Selenium Webdriver


Selenium Webdriver is open source and very popular automation testing tool today. To find element via selenium webdriver is first requirement when you start automation testing using selenium webdriver. Following are ways using which you can find web page element for automation :

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How To Switch from Manual Testing to Automation Testing


Fresher testers or manual testers are always confuse that how they can switch from manual testing to automation testing. There are many good questions in their mind like which basic skills require to start Automation testing , How to start , Where to start , Which tool need to use […]

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