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Top 5 Load Testing Tools


WHAT IS LOAD TESTING? TOP 5 TOOLS FOR LOAD TESTING   Jmeter 2. HP Load Runner 3. NeoLoad  4. WebLoad 5. Rational Performance Tester  

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Top 10 Most Popular Interview Question For Manual Tester


As we have been working in software testing field we are familiar with all process of software tester interview and all. We would love to share top 10 popular questions which every tester should prepare before attend interview for specially manual tester position.

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What is Difference Between Priority and Severity in Software Testing


There is slight difference between priority and severity but still many testers getting confuse. We would like to help you to understand priority and severity in software testing. Now let us have look at some easy example with combination of Priority & Severity :  

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Bug Life Cycle in Software Testing


Bug is an action that does not allow your program to perform it’s intended task. Each and every software has bug at initial level and then in testing it can be found by tester and developer fix it. Bug is very important part in software testing. No one can say […]

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Checklist : 10 Things to Test Before Your Website Launches


If you think that you have designed website , developed it and ready to launch without testing then you are in mistake. It is 99% chances that website will have bugs if it goes live without proper testing. You can build excellent website but there is no meaning if user […]

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Benefits of Automation Testing


In this fast and competitive world , It is challenge for companies to improve and maintain quality of product. It require continue and regular testing.Each and every time manual testing takes long time , efforts and resources so automation testing helps to do fast ,reliable and automated testing.  There are […]

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