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Checklist : 10 Things to Test Before Your Website Launches


If you think that you have designed website , developed it and ready to launch without testing then you are in mistake. It is 99% chances that website will have bugs if it goes live without proper testing. You can build excellent website but there is no meaning if user is not able to use website properly. So it is really important to test website before launches. Important checklist for website testing is given below. There are lot of points are there but we would like to share some very important.

  • Browser Compatibility testing : You don’t know that in which browser customer will surf and use your website. It could be chrome , Firefox , opera , safari or internet explorer. So it is necessary that wesbite should be compatible with all major browsers. Customer have their own habit and flexibility with specific browser so its website owner responsibility that provide best website with browser compatibility.
  • Functional testing : It is very important that all function of website should perform well. For ex: if user click on save button and your sites gives error instead of save data , it  put  negative impact about your site in user mind.So all web forms , buttons , links must work properly.
  • Content check and Grammar : User should be able to get actual message which you want to convey by your website. Spelling mistakes and improper grammar can lead to loss of reputation.Also your content should be unique rather than copy from other site.
  • Site loading speed : No one has time to wait if your website takes too much time to load. Slow loading site has always high bounce rate which affect SEO. Always your site should in minimum seconds. This is very important testing aspect. Everyone love fast loading site.
  • Performance Testing : What will happen is suddenly 50-100 users come to your site in just 1 minute? This can be measure via performance testing. Website should be able to handle parallel user traffic. I have seen many w-commerce website that when user increase to site , it loads slow and some time goes down. And of course if you are getting business via website and your website goes down for some hours then it cost you.So performance testing give you user capacity in advance.
  • Database Testing : Are you sure that if one user register to your website then it saves all data properly in database? If not sure then database testing is require. It is necessary that all data should store in database properly. Database is very important part of any website. Database testing include mainly add , update , delete user data and check in database that how it affects.
  • Security Testing : Is your website secure from hackers? Is there any backdoor in your website? These all thing can be verify by security testing. Now a days there are many websites getting hack because developer make mistakes and open backdoor for hackers. Security testing helps to make sure that website is secure , all data is secure and it finds if there is backdoor.
  • Validation and Verification Testing : It helps to make sure that your site is performing well for data and getting valid data. If you are making website for client and you should make sure that you have built website as per given requirement which is part of verification. It sure that do you building right product?
  • Title and Meta data : Both are very important SEO aspect. Tester should check it for each and every page if SEO team provide title and meta data to tester.
  • Links : As a tester I have notices many time that when developer move website from local server to live , they forgot to change some URLs and because of that live site contains some broken links , broken images etc. So as a tester it should be verify that all links on site site are perfect and there is no broken links.

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