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How To Switch from Manual Testing to Automation Testing


Fresher testers or manual testers are always confuse that how they can switch from manual testing to automation testing. There are many good questions in their mind like which basic skills require to start Automation testing , How to start , Where to start , Which tool need to use and many more.

First of all we would say that every tester should think to move into automation testing area. Manual testing is fine but there are lot of benefits of automation testing.  It helps you to grow in your career as well as it reduce your work.

When we think to move for automation testing , In mind functionality testing comes first and then it comes to best tool to automation functional test is Selenium webdriver. So you can start with selenium webdriver for automation. It is open source tool and very strong automation testing tool.

Now before move to automation testing , you should have following basic skills :

  • Logic development
  • Basic programming language concepts like datatype , conditional statements , oops , arrays etc.
  • Database basic understanding
  • Knowledge about website structure , server , cookie etc

Above are enough skills to start automation testing from manual testing. Now if you are going to use selenium webdriver then you should have basic knowledge about at least one programming language from list of selenium supported. Selenium supports Java, Php, Python, Ruby, C# and Perl. So make sure you have basic concept clear for any one from these programming language.

At starting level you do not need to worry about professional automation programming structure. You can start in your own way and by regular practice you will get professional way to do coding for automation testing. Also there are lots of tutorials , videos available on internet about selenium webdriver which help to automate your functional test cases.

So we hope that now you got idea that how easily you can move to automation testing from manual testing.


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