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Importance of Mobile Application Testing


Mobile application becomes very popular day by day. Every business prefer to deliver product through mobile application. Customers are also preferring mobile application more than website. There was a time when everybody wanted website and now that replaces with mobile application. Its really easy to access mobile application but for business owner and developer it is challenge to produce high quality mobile application and provide to customer. So mobile application testing play very important role here.

By mobile application testing , developers can get end user view and they can solve all issues of application before it reach to real customer. Poor reviews of app. on store are mostly because of network issues , crashes , low performance , slow app. , improper function etc then there all things can be prevent by mobile application testing.

First of all functional testing is require for mobile application. Each and every element of your application should work correctly.Any mistake in flow can lead to poor review and loss of business reputation. In this competitive world every user wants that mobile application should work quick , consistent and accurate. No one will be interested if your mobile application will work slowly or have lot of issues.

There are several things that need to test in any mobile application , But some main things are given below :

  • Functional testing
  • Memory leak check
  • Test app. with wifi , 2G/3G networks
  • GUI testing
  • Usability testing
  • Performance testing

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