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Performance Testing

Do you want to know how many concurrent users your website and server can manage?

Load testing is very important for any website before launch. Think what will happen if you just launched website and because of heavy traffic your website goes down and server failed to respond? You will lose first impression of your online business. provides services for performance testing  to measure server capacity about how much concurrent users it can handle in minimum time. Our performance testing team do excellent testing to measure application capacity , stability and performance. We do stress testing , load testing both. Our primary focus of performance testing includes establishing the benchmark behavior of the system.

Performance testing is done to check how system behave when there are lots of users keep surfing website. It also includes interoperability , capability , response time and reliability. We use Jmeter automation tool for performance testing. We provide comprehensive and easy to understand report of performance testing.


Our performance testing helps :

  • Measure website response time under heavy load.
  • Measure website user capacity.
  • Optimize application server performance
  • Optimize database performance
  • Concurrent user management
  • Fine tuning of performance
  • Provide summary report of performance testing

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