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Test Automation

Now a days software , websites are updated frequently to attract customers. To test these recurring changes Test automation or we can say Automation testing is fast , reliable and cost-effective solution. Software test automation is effective approach that reduce testing time and improve software quality.  There are many automation testing tools are open source so it cut down testing costs. Automation testing is flexible , good for testing which repetitive things need to test , time saver and reliable.

Automation testing is process to test software , website by running automated scripts. Script can be written in specific programming language and automation tool support it to run. We use Selenium , Selenium web driver , Test NG tools for automation testing. automation testing experts are able to do automation testing for any website and mobile application. For mobile application we use Appium automation tool. We do automation for both android and ios mobile application.

Our automation testing services are :

  • Create automation scripting
  • Automate test cases.
  • Fast and reliable testing
  • Regression automation maintenance
  • Data driven testing
  • Keyword driven testing
  • Automation framework design and execution
  • Hybrid test automation
  • Generate report of test result

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