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Top 10 Most Popular Interview Question For Manual Tester


As we have been working in software testing field we are familiar with all process of software tester interview and all. We would love to share top 10 popular questions which every tester should prepare before attend interview for specially manual tester position.

  • What is Software Testing?

There are many definitions available for software testing.But this looks perfect –  Software testing is process to evaluate software or application and find difference between expected and actual result. Software testing is also process to evaluate quality of product.

  • What is Priority and Severity , Explain with example

We already explain answer of this question via our blog post , Kindly Check here

  • Why you have started career as Software Tester?

Here there can be lot of difference based on software tester mind. Some people started career as software tester because they did not want to become developer , some have reason like they are having interest in finding bugs and making product quality high, Some are interesting in finding bugs  etc.

You have to make sure that you provide satisfied answer so that interviewer can feel like you having really good interest in software testing and in future you will grow for same.

  • What is test case , Write basic test case for login

Test case means difference between expected result and actual result. It is collection of steps/action a tester takes during testing of any application. We glad to share sample test case with you , Click here to download sample test case.

  • What is Bug , Explain bug life cycle

Bug is action or event that does not allow your program to perform intended task. Suppose when you click on login button , it should login you but instead of that give 404 error , then it is Bug. Kindly have a look at perfect bug life cycle Here.

  • What if as a test you approve product and client found bug? How you will handle this situation?

In client base company sometime it happens that tester done best testing and approve application. When client do beta testing , they got bug. It should not happen anymore , Tester must take care that client never find bugs , it puts negative impact in client mind about tester and that company where tester is working.

Now if client found bug then as a tester first of all you should apologize that something you missed at your end and client found it. Also you should assure client that in future same thing will not happen again and  I will do my best. You should also create checklist and note down this situation that why and where you missed so next time you can check same thing before application deliver to client.

  • Difference between Software testing and Quality Assurance

Remember that software testing is one activity of Quality Assurance. QA is set of activities designed to ensure that software development process. QA focus on objective of project. Primary goal of software testing and QA is same that find bugs and produce high quality. But QA process also involve developer and maintenance. QA also involve that what is custom goal and will customer be happy by this product? You need to meet the metrics and requirements detailed in testing in order to achieve this.

  • What is Validation and Verification in Software Testing?

I have seen that many testers getting confuse when this question asked.  Verification means Are you building product right? , Validation means Are you building right product?

Verification comes during product development phase to ensure it meets specified requirements , Validation is done at end of development to ensure product meets specified requirements.

Verification includes static techniques like review meeting , it does not require code execution to test , Validation includes dynamic techniques which run code and make sure product working fine or not.

  • How you will grow your career in software testing?

Every employer want that their employee grow in their field and give that benefit to company. In any company growth employee play very important role. so here as answer of this question you should explain that how you will learn new things in software testing time by time and will enhance your career as well as company growth.

If you are manual tester then you should answer like I will learn automation testing so we can test application fast and in reliable way. Then explain them 4-5 benefits of automation testing. Here they will feel good because automation testing will help you and company both. You should tell your next 6 month goal for that company if you will be selected.

  • What is Requirement Tractability Matrix?

It can be tool or document where all requirement stored. Basically it help to ensure that software or application is developed 100% same as specified requirements. It helps to identify if any requirement missed.

Main 2 objectives of Requirement Traceability Matrix are :

1. To Ensure that developed product meets given requirement.

2. Verify each and every requirement with product which just developed.


Hope you enjoyed this very helpful article especially for software tester..:)


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