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Top 5 Load Testing Tools



  • Load testing is included as a type of performance testing.
  • Load testing is Non-Functional Testing type.
  • Load testing is done to analyze application behavior under normal condition and heavy load.
  • Goal of Load testing is to measure system capacity to handle heavy user traffic parallel.



  1. Jmeter
  • Jmeter is open source tool for load testing. It is product of Apache. Jmeter is 100% pure java application for load testing.
  • Using Jmeter , Load testing can be done for static as well as dynamic resources. It can be done for Web applications , Web services , Ftps, Database and a lot more.
  • Jmeter provides excellent UI to plan your performance test for any application.
  • Jmeter also generates easy understandable report as a result of load testing. Reports are easy to analyze.
  • Check more details about Jmeter

2. HP Load Runner

  • It allows excellent features for distributed load testing. It is product of HP.
  • Hp Load Runner can create and handle thousands of virtual users at a same time.
  • It provides features like Virtual user generator , Analysis report, Controller etc.
  • It is not free tool so it require investment/cost to use for load testing.

3. NeoLoad 

  • Neoload allow load testing for web applications and mobile applications.
  • Helps to analyze and improve performance of application.
  • Tool is developed in java and developed by Netosys company.
  • Tool enables 2 languages : 1 – French, 2 – English

4. WebLoad

  • Webload is for load and stress testing of any web application.
  • It supports Ajax, HTML5, .Net, Oracle and many more technologies.
  • Main advantage of webload , it provides DOM-based recording/playback, automatic correlation and JavaScript scripting language.
  • Tester can cover heavy user load, complex scenarios for load testing.
  • Allow cloud base user integration.
  • You can Download it from : Download WebLoad

5. Rational Performance Tester

  • It is also known as RTP. RTP is product of IBM corporation.
  • Allow features like create tests , do performance testing, generate reports, Analyze reports and a lot more.
  • It does not involve any coding for load testing.
  • Provides large numbers of user integration, Real world traffic, Accurate load on application, Real time reports etc.
  • It supports protocols like HTTP , Socket Recording, SOA, SAP.


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