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V & V Testing

V & V term refers to validation and verification. It is common testing for any product.V&V usually focuses on ensuring the requirements are being met, the overall project is focused on the correct objectives, and risk is being managed.V&V also examines the interaction with each of the key system components. Verification is process to ensure that developers are going on right track for particular product development. Validation helps to ensure that software or product meets the business needs. team support to test verification and validation in standard way. We have our own standard test cases to check actual business need in software product. We also use traceability matrix for requirement verification.We do V & V testing with static and dynamic both types.

Our objectives of V & V testing are :

  • Ensure that software fulfills standard business needs
  • Confirm that software is building as per given requirements
  • Support Continuous improvement activities
  • Make sure that product fulfills user expectation
  • Ensure that product is free from failure

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