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What is Difference Between Priority and Severity in Software Testing


There is slight difference between priority and severity but still many testers getting confuse. We would like to help you to understand priority and severity in software testing.

  • Priority

Here as term suggest Priority means how urgent it is. Therefore in same way for bug Priority means how fast or urgent that bug need to be solve. It is require to solve now? Or can be fix later?

Bug Priority can be Low , Medium or High.

  • Severity

Severity defines impact of bug to the system. Up to which level particular bug can harm system. We can also say that severity defines that how critical bug is.

Bug Severity also can be Low, Medium or High.

Now let us have look at some easy example with combination of Priority & Severity :

  • Low Priority and Low Severity

When use register to website and after registration successful message having spelling mistake then this bug comes under low priority and low severity. Here priority is low because user  able to register properly , Because of that spelling mistake it does not creating any issue in register process. Severity is also low because that spelling mistake does not affecting any other part of website. So this bug impact is very small.

  •  High Priority and High Severity

When user try to register to your website they are getting run time error and not able to register.Here priority is high because your website register function is not working and users getting error. So it is really require to fix soon. Severity is also high because registration is very important functionality for any website , this type of run time error to end user can put negative impact about your site in user’s mind.

  • Low Priority and High Severity

Here bug can be fixed later as priority is low but bug impact is high. Suppose you are managing e-commerce website to sell products. Now customers who are using old browser versions are not able to checkout and pay from your site to buy product.So here Priority is low because your website running properly with all latest browsers and customers who will have old browser will be very few but Severity is high because customer who are not able to use your website properly in old browser version will have negative impact of your website in mind.

  • High Priority and Low Severity

Here bug need to be solve very urgent even if it has not much impact area to the system. Spelling mistake in your brand logo is best example for this category. Your brand name is always unique and must be correct on website.Here Priority is high because your brand name itself is wrong in logo of your website which looks odd and Severity is low because it is not affecting any other function of your system. User can still navigate , login , register to your website easily.


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